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Since 1983 I am studying local history on primary sources and critical literature to find out and analyse the connections between Genoa, Liguria and the sky, from the Middle Ages to the last century. It is a history for places, to discover people and organizations which were involved in astronomy in various ways: for research, teaching, pleasure, and in everyday applications, as the measure of time.

The project was presented on 1996 in a symposium of the National Research Council Link esterno CNR. It has an interdisciplinary character: I devote the same attention to well known scientists as Orazio Grassi, Giambattista Baliani and Franz Xaver von Zach, astrologers as Andalò di Negro and Tomaso Oderico, artists as Giovanni Pisano, didactic poets as Agostino Lomellini and Giambattista Ricchieri, amateur astronomers as Francesco Gianni and Glauco de Mottoni.

Since the beginning of this research, the environment of Paris Maria Salvago appeared of great interest. He was a Genoese nobleman who has published useful astronomical observations, despite his roles of government in a time of serious trials for the Republic of Genoa; among his correspondents, there were Gio. Domenico Cassini, Francesco Bianchini and Eustachio Manfredi.

This hypertext is born as a private notebook. The frame is, by choice, in Italian; sources are transcribed in the original language, someone is translated in Italian. Red memos, ??? sequences, gaps perhaps misleading are still present here and there. I hope in well disposed scholars for reporting the most bothersome limits.

Riccardo Balestrieri

Riccardo Balestrieri was born in 1956 in Genoa, Italy. Now he lives in San Marino. He is a self-taught amateur astronomer with interests in history of science. He cooperated in building and organizing the Astronomical Observatory of Genoa Link esterno OAG, founded by Genoa Municipality and Università Popolare Sestrese; he was at the head of the Observatory from 1991 to 1997. He was an adviser of the Unione Astrofili Italiani Link esterno UAI from 1974 to 1976; he was an arbitrator of the same organization from 1993 to 2013. Member of the following scientific societies: Società Astronomica Italiana Link esterno SAIt, Società Italiana di Archeoastronomia Link esterno SIA and, since the establishment, Società Italiana degli Storici della Fisica e dell'Astronomia Link esterno SISFA.

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